Representing the spirit of the American dream, small businesses and entrepreneurship are the heart and soul of New York.  As an essential part of a flourishing New York economy, an effort needs to be made to foster our spirit of entrepreneurship and the growth of small businesses. Regardless of your ethnicity or socioeconomic background, there are unlimited opportunities to realize your potential, to achieve your goals, and maybe with hard work and perseverance, have your own business. I am committed to working to ensure that we obtain federal legislation that is favorable to small business that promotes growth and supports small businesses. By listening to the needs and concerns unique to small businesses, I aspire to work with state and city officials across party lines to respond and provide solutions that are a win-win for small businesses and our district.

As a firm believer in legal immigration, increasing border security has to be a priority to reduce the steady stream of illegal border crossings and the flow of dangerous drugs entering our country.  Illegal immigrants are routinely given special treatment over our American citizens in our healthcare, education, and criminal justice systems. Amnesty has only encouraged more people to break our laws and enter our country illegally.   Worse yet, too many of our people are dying to the flow of drugs.  

Congress needs to come together to work on comprehensive immigration reform that closes the asylum loopholes that allow people to take advantage of flaws in our immigration system and recognizes and rewards those who come here legally, placing them at the top of the list for US Citizenship.

School Choice 
Access to a high-quality education should not be limited to those of socio-economic privilege. No child deserves to have to attend a poor performing school due to where they live. Parents know the unique needs of their children and should be the ones deciding which school is best fit to meet their needs as they align with their family and religious values. Every child deserves the best chance for success to fulfill their highest potential. As a strong supporter of School Choice as well as the provision of vouchers for those who opt to send their children to private or religious schools, I am advocating for expanding the school choice program so that parents have a voice in their children’s education as well as increasing funding for creating more NYC Charter Schools.

Vocational/Technical High Schools
While the narrative of the past few decades has focused on encouraging every young person in America to attend college as the sole path to being successful and finding gainful employment, so they can fulfill their potential and lead happy, prosperous, and flourishing lives, there are multiple paths to those same outcomes. 

Our country has done a disservice to our young people by suggesting that there is only one path to success, attending college, and for many, resulting in the burden of carrying student loan debt.

We need to offer the option of Vocational/Technical High Schools for those who may not be suited to attend college or lack the desire for a four-year education. For young people who want to become electricians, plumbers, computer technicians, heating/cooling technicians, appliance repair technicians or mechanics, we need to offer the right job training and education that can prepare them for the licensing requirements that many of these fields require for certification.

Parents know what motivates their child and need to have the ability to consider alternative educational avenues that fit unique niches not generally covered in traditional curriculums. In order to offer more choices, I highly support increasing the number of vocational/technical schools in our district.


Americans' levels of optimism about their current financial situation will return as the state begins to reopen. I am confident we will return to where were we a year ago and be able to reach new record highs. Jobs will return and unemployment rates will return to the previous near historic lows. Our stock market is rebounding and will hit new record highs thanks to deregulation and pro-growth free-market policies. Businesses will be making a strong comeback in America. 

However, Washington DC still controls and exerts way too much force over OUR lives.  We all know The Free Market System has lifted more people out of poverty than any economic system in history.  So why do we continue to permit so much interference from our federal government?

For this reason, I support The FAIRtax House Resolution 25.  What is The FAIRtax?  The FAIRtax is legislation which will eliminate our entire un-American federal-income-tax system, assist to repeal The 16th Amendment, and make April 15th another beautiful day.  Yes you read me correctly, You will never have to submit a tax return again!

The FAIRtax = You Earn It!  You Keep It!

I highly suggest you visit Americans For Fair Taxation's website  to learn more about this positive life changing legislation and why I signed The FAIRtax Candidate Pledge.

I firmly believe you should feed your Family before you feed the government and you can spend your money better than the government can or ever will. Therefore, I, as your representative, will not support any initiatives to increase costly government regulations or raise your taxes.